100Hand Embroidery Handbag Purse Clutch Evening Bag301 BOXHSJKTH

100Hand Embroidery Handbag Purse Clutch Evening Bag301 BOXHSJKTH

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Truly a Suzhou embroidery artwork - Fascinating patterns with Oriental elegance100% carefully hand sewn by Su lady Artists - Have a look at their Exquisite and refined craftsmanshipOuter Material: Silk BrocadeInner Material: cottonHigh quality silk brocade - Soft to touch and luxurious feelSo many colors to choose from - Great for casual occasions

A True Statement of Oriental Elegance - 100% Hand Sewn Su Embroidery Art
This luxurious clutch bag brings out the Oriental elegance with a vintage style, patterned with 100% hand sewn Suzhou embroidery art, one of the best in Orient for its refined patterns and stunning workmanship. You can see all of this through the floral patterns, where each stich differs in shades of color, thus creating a painting-like perception. Its surface is made of silk brocade with soft and luxurious feel, while the metal edge enhances further its classy and stylish look.

Comes with a Sling as Shoulder Bag; 2 Vivid Colors to Choose From
This eye-catching bag is light and practical too, and has a sling that can be turned into a shoulder bag. It is a very exclusive item with which you will feel like having a piece of artwork in your hand! It is great for all occasions, especially for a night out with friends.

About Su Embroidery
Su or Suzhou embroidery is one of the top four embroidery genres in China, originating in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, with 2000 years of history. It is famous for its beautiful patterns, elegant colors, variety of stitches, and consummate craftsmanship. Its stitching is meticulously skilful and coloration subtle and refined, making Suzhou embroidery a renowned handicraft art widely appreciated worldwide in the world of embroidered textile art.

Item#: JSHACXNB301
Measurements: 25x13x5cm
Color: Magenta, Green
Material: Silk embroidery on silk brocade

* This Embroidered Bag is 100% Original Hand Sewn by Suzhou Ladies, not a factory production *

100Hand Embroidery Handbag Purse Clutch Evening Bag301 BOXHSJKTH

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